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This website was made possible by digitising thousands of old photographs and reel footage. However, we are still very keen to expand the site and host more of your precious memories.

With that in mind, we are inviting anyone with photos in their collections (weddings, holidays,  family events, baby photos, and special moments)  to send them to us by email.

Photos can be in any digital format. If you have hard copies of the images, you can convert them to a digital file with the help of a scanner or digital camera. We will format the pictures and upload them into a gallery for others to see.

Please include a little description with each photo where appropriate, so that other Dedes members can understand the image better.

Ready to send your photos? Email with your images as attachments.

NB: If the email size exceeds 5 Megabytes (5000KB) please split it up into several smaller emails.

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